mens luxury watches

Men have a long list of requirements that they endeavor to meet when they set out to purchase a new wristwatch. The expectations that they have with regards to wristwatches are not easy to meet. They expect their watch to be stylish and yet should be the kind that would not warrant unwanted attention. They want the watch to be a source of compliments but yet wish to evade the impression that they are trying too hard. While no compromise on style should be made, it is equally essential that the watch is durable to the core. These are some of the requirements that men expect their wristwatches to meet. The aim of most mens luxury watches is to make sure they meet their requirements as much as possible.

*A number of brands striving to win the market of mens luxury watches

When you head out to the market to find the wristwatch of your choice, you will face no dearth of options. A number of brands are available in the market, each of which is striving to provide you with the watch that would meet your requirements. Let us take a look at some of the features that most mens luxury watches provide you with.

Most watches aim to impress you from the moment you set your eyes on them. Thus, exquisite attention is paid to their design. Most mens luxury watches are round and possess a stainless steel case. This is because stainless steel manages to provide the watch a certain bit of finesse and a polished look while at the same time making for an elegant design.

Mens luxury watches are also made to be water and shock resistant. This is because men are usually not careful with their belongings. With such watches, they can be certain that their watch would be able to withstand the rough conditions that they would subject it to.

The straps can either be a bracelet or manufactured from leather. The choice that you make will depend on your requirement. To make the watch affordable for a large section of population, they are equipped with Japanese automatic movement instead of the Swiss one. However, you can be assured that the Japanese movement does not disappoint in terms of function.

*Make the best selection among mens luxury watches

When you head out to the market to get your hands on your wristwatch, ensure that you select the best watch you can find. Take all the factors into account before making the final selection. You have to ensure the watch is of profound quality. If you are passionate about swimming and diving expeditions, make sure you get your hands on a watch that would be capable of providing you water resistance to that level.

There is no doubt that money should be an important factor you should keep in mind while deciding the watch you should purchase. However, it is not the sole factor that you ought to keep in mind. Before making your purchase, make sure you have considered all the essential points beforehand. This will ensure that you do not end up losing your money and can get a watch that would remain with you for a long time to come.

When we talk about mens luxury watches, it is the Swiss watches that define quality and elegance. However, due to their high price, most people cannot get their hands on them. Thus, they have to look for the next best available option that falls within their budget and would not disappoint in terms of quality.

Top Mens Luxury Watch Brands

 Rolex Daytona – A classy chronograph

The Rolex Daytona is no doubt the most sought-after watch in the world. The watch enjoys a position that no other timepiece in the world can get. From the previous manual style chronographs to the first automatic chronograph, it shines beautifully on the wrists of both men and women.

*The alluring aspects of the watch

The watch was introduced in many variations, but the most popular one are the stainlessrolex daytona steel models. The watch was once very difficult to acquire, but now it is getting easier to get it. It fits perfectly on a variety of wrist sizes. It has a diameter of 40 mm and thickness of 12 mm. The case is made up of highly polishable and corrosion-resistant steel and gives a very comfortable feel to the wrist. The sides of the lugs are also polished along with the bezel and its sides. The sub-dial rings are reflective, giving an overall shiny look to the watch. The sapphire crystal is not coated with AR and is flat. The whole look of the watch makes it perfect for photographing.

The oyster bracelet used in the Rolex Daytona is one of the most comfortable styles in the world. The safety locks are very smooth and have amazing precision. All the components of the watch give it a solid feel but doesn’t make it heavy.

The case hugs the wrist very comfortably. The polished second hands don’t affect the readability and only a slight change in reading angle can make the hands more visible. The watch is perfect for casual and formal wear.

*Rolex Daytona: Designed to perfection

This watch has all the qualities of a perfect chronograph. It is precise, robust, efficient, reliable, self-winding, robust, and waterproof. The watch was first launched in 1963, and now it is mature enough. Each and every component of the Rolex Daytona is guaranteed for performance.

The watch comes in two different models based on the dial color, white and black. Rolex manufactures many other great watches with a black dial, but a white dial is rare. So if you want something unique, you can go for the white dial version of this watch.

The chronograph was designed to measure or calculate the average speed and elapsed time. This is done by using the tachymeter bezel and the chronograph registers present on the dial. It is water resistant and can withstand extreme conditions with ease.

There is a pure white dial below the sapphire crystal, which gives the watch a magnificent look. The bezel is very clear and easy to read; you can read it easily in sunlight too. The bracelet style used in the Rolex Daytona is one of the most beautiful and finest styles ever used for watches.


From the sapphire crystal to the oyster style bracelet, you won’t find any difficult or faulty aspect in the Rolex Daytona. The features and brand name outweigh its price. If you’re among those people who love to flaunt their style, this timepiece should be on top of your list of accessories.

Breitling Navitimer – The best travel watch

The Breitling Navitimer is a reliable and durable watch that is specifically designed to assist aeronautical enthusiasts and pilots. The dual time zone arrangement is easily readable and very practical. The watch is distinguished by its black dial and steel case.

*Breitling Navitimer at a glance

The watch is an illustration of perfection and incredible performance. The dial is black Breitling Navitimerand has three whitish silver sub-dials. The dials have three rings of markers that change the watch into an analog computer. The additional central hand allows you to check the time on a 24-hour scale. You can thus check whether it’s day or night in any location on the globe.

The chronograph has a reset and a start/stop button. The buttons are a bit hard to press, but this is to make sure that the buttons aren’t pressed accidentally.

The hour hand counts up to 12 hours at 6 o’clock, the minutes hand moves one step in 60 seconds, and the red seconds hand moves in micro-steps around the dial. The background is whitish-silver with a beautiful pattern that makes an amazing contrast with the silver hands and black dial.

The watch has an easily foldable clasp and buckle. The strap is made up of black calf leather and has a beautiful white stitching on it that contrasts well with it. The buckle easily sits into place and wraps the wrist firmly and securely.

*Spectacular features of Breitling Navitimer

The Navitimer is an all-time favorite of flyboys. This watch was originally designed for pilots to assist them when they’re on a flight. It uses advanced meteorological technologies by famous organizations like MET. There is a thermometer conversion scale at the back of the case. With this watch, you can also measure the productivity rate and average speed and calculate ground speed and the time elapsed.

The Navitimer also allows you to perform different calculations, multiply and divide numbers, calculate the rate of descend or climb, and the amount of gas consumption. The Navitimer can also be used as a compass by using the current position of the Sun and the bezel. The thermometer present at the back of the case allows you to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

The battery is amazing and gives you around three days of use without charging. The bezel is bi-directional and works with a slide rule. You can read the manual to understand the slide rule. The Breitling Navitimer is water resistant and is tough enough to withstand extreme pressures.


If you want a stylish and classy pilot watch that is known for its durability and reliability, the Breitling Navitimer is the one for you. People buy this watch because it gives a manly and elegant look to the wearer. If you buy this watch, you’ll be buying an excellent timepiece and a brand that has a matchless dedication and passion to aviation.