invicta Russian DiverSometimes watchmakers overdo their designs and in doing so, they ruin the sophistication and elegance of a wristwatch. Most watch enthusiasts know that the perfect watch isn’t always the shiniest one or the one with the most features. The perfect watch is something that delivers class and elegance; it’s a watch that catches your eye without you having to look up close. If you’re looking for a watch that radiates beauty, style as well as class and if you’re a fan of carbon black color, Invicta Russian Diver Collection Watch will prove to be an ideal fit for you. It will add to the sophistication of your personality and its black appearance makes it wearable with all kinds of attire.

*Waterproof and Shock Resistant Body

Designed to be the best, this Invicta Russian Diver watch is waterproof and shock resistant. It’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming. It’s waterproof in depth up to 100 meters, which makes it the ideal wristwatch to be owned by people who regularly swim and snorkel.

Its stylish design means you can wear it with your fanciest dresses and attend all your parties and formal meetings without having to worry about your wristwatch not being appropriate. It’s designed and tested for rough use as the stainless steel body and mineral crystal dial combination make it a strong and sturdy watch that can survive the wild or ocean without any damage.

*Stylish Design

It’s tough to find a wristwatch that is not only stylish and elegant but also sturdy and resilient. This watch promises to be the perfect package as it is made of strong and durable mineral crystal, which is much better than the standard acrylic material generally used in wristwatches. It also has a stainless steel case that is polished and ion-plated and a black rubber strap to add to its resilience and black design. The black dial with silver hands makes it easy to look at the time without taking anything away from its elegant look. It also consists of a screw-down protective head on the crown.


  • Precise Swiss quartz movement
  • Ion-plated and polished gunmetal stainless steel case
  • Black rubber strap
  • Dial made of durable mineral crystal
  • Date function on the right-hand side of the dial
  • Black dial with silver hands
  • A screw-down protective crown cap with a safety chain
  • Water resistant in depth of 100 meters
  • Designed for snorkeling and swimming, not ideal for diving
  • Outside minute track on the dial, displayed in increment of five minutes


It’s a masterpiece from the Invicta Russian Diver collection that demands attention and delivers elegance, class and resilience. Although it is not suitable for diving, it is perfectly designed for deep-sea snorkeling and swimming. Engineered with Invicta’s trademark digital and technical prowess and class, this wristwatch will prove to be a timepiece of extreme value and style.