citizen watchesWith almost 100 years and still counting, Citizen Watch Co. is a revolutionary leader of design and modernism. Majority watch companies make better products, but citizen mens watches are enhanced, thus improves the quality of life. This facet is present in the products elaborate details, environmental awake design and the advanced performance.

The millstones achieved by Citizen Watches:

  • In 1924 the first pocket watch named CITIZEN was fashioned.
  • 1931 the Caliber F watches, the company’s first wrist watch was developed.
  • 1940 a production company is built in Japan.
  • 1956 the firms engineers its first shock-resistance wristwatch, the Parashock, in the Japan manufacturing plant.
  • 2003, Citizen releases the Stiletto a masterpiece in that era.

*Modern Day Citizen Men’s Watches

The company’s recent landmark is the fabrication of the Eco-Drive watches. These watches are power-driven by a solar and energy cells. As such, users worry less about battery life since they use energy from any light source. Additionally, the company pioneered the first radio-controlled watch with a capacity to single out radio frequency, thus automatically resetting to correct time. Following are some of the company’s recent technology:

  • The Quartz Watch – this timepiece is inexpensive, a high quality and dependable for both men and women. The watch resets automatically using fitted small quartz crystals.
  • The Eco-Drive Watch – this is the masterpiece of high-tech insurgency. It uses solar-powered cells, thus converts light to electrical energy. Additionally, it incorporates a backup power plan: the lithium ion battery.
  • The Promaster Watch – this is an epic innovation, the most popular timepiece in the world. Other than high-tech features, it is ideal for accuracy purposes. Owing to that, they are ideal for water, land and sky usability.

Are Citizen watches a worthy option to consider?

*Quality within your budget with Citizen mens watches

citizen mens watchesThe prices of well-known brands of wristwatches seem to be soaring high. Since men tend to be particular with regards to the wristwatches they wear, the increasing rates do put them in a fix. There are so many characteristics that they look for and often, they are unwilling to compromise on any single one.

Style and fashion are a necessity. One reason that this is given so much importance is that there are not many options of accessories for men. Therefore, the one piece that nearly all men wear needs to be an epitome of style and elegance.

Durability and sturdiness are other features that they tend to look for. You cannot expect men to be too careful with their belongings. Men’s watches tend to be subjected to quite a bit of rough handling and wear and tear. Therefore, the wristwatch that they wear has to be such that it would be able to survive harsh conditions.

Among the various affordable brands that are vying to fulfill the criteria that men have spelled out, Citizen is one that has been successful to a large extent. Citizen mens watches are those that have managed to attain quite a bit of recognition due to their profound quality and affordable price.

*Things to look out for in Citizen mens watches

Citizen has introduced quite a bit of variety in the market over the recent years. It aims to cater to both casual wearers as well as formal watch requirements. Some collections that have been introduced under the banner over the last few years include the likes of the Eco-Drive collection, Perpetual A-T bracelet watches, watches with rubber straps, blue dial chronograph watch, mesh bracelet, gold plated and so on. Every watch that has been introduced by Citizen has something new to offer. However, certain similarities are evident in all.

Let us take a look at some of the features that are part of Citizen mens watches. The first feature that merits attention is Eco-Drive. Nearly all the editions that are now introduced by Citizen possess the technology of Eco-Drive. This implies that you do not have to worry about the battery of your watch. These watches can be charged with both natural as well as artificial light sources. This certainly works as an enticing feature.

The watches are rather exquisite in their design by being the perfect blend of style, simplicity, and elegance. Most watches have cases of stainless steel, while some feature titanium cases as well.

The watches are programmed with Japanese movement. This seems to be an effective tactic to cut down the cost. The Japanese movement might not be as profound in terms of function as the Swiss, but they certainly are capable of providing you with more than satisfactory result.

The straps of different watches differ. Some have rubber straps, while others feature stainless steel bands. While all the editions are durable to a certain extent, one need to realize that formal watches are not subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Barring a few exceptions, the watches have the kind of size and weight that would be acceptable for the majority. All Citizen watches are water resistant, implying you would not have to take them off every now and then before you go swimming or take a shower. Additional features such as perpetual calendar settings, luminous hands, date windows and much more are part of most Citizen editions.

*Citizen mens watches – Something to think about

Citizen has indeed strived hard to ensure it can fulfill all the requirements that men tend to have with regards to wristwatches. While they have endeavored to cut down the cost, they have made sure that this does not have an effect on the quality of the product. The design is interesting and the build is reliable. You would not feel that you have worn something cheap when you wear the watch.

Furthermore, the watches are equipped with the best technology possible in the price that they are available at. A number of features further serve as enticing factors. Eco-Drive is certainly a technology that enhances the appeal of the watches and makes them a much more convenient option. All in all, Citizen watches are something that you ought to keep in mind when you decide to get your hands on a new watch, especially if you are on a tight budget and are looking for quality and durability.