G-Shock DW5600ECasio’s G-Shock series has many watches that not only offer tons of features, but their design and technology are also capable of surviving all the resilience tests where other watches would fail. The G-Shock DW5600E is one of them. Some of the few features of this watch are a built-in stopwatch, a countdown timer, multi-function alarm, water resistance, shock resistance, and EL backlight with afterglow.

*G-Shock DW5600E – multifunctional

Simply put, it’s more than just a wristwatch. With features such as a countdown timer, a stopwatch and an alarm available on your wrist, you can go jogging and work out easily. You don’t need to worry about your phone being nearby for morning alarms as you can easily set an alarm on this G-Shock DW5600E wristwatch. The backlight display comes in handy to see in the dark, while hourly time signals will help you keep track of time and save you from procrastination. It is equipped with a calendar too, which means you can quickly check the date as well.

*Resilient and Durable

As discussed before, it’s a symbol of resilience and durability. Designed to survive the rough and careless use of men, it’s an ideal watch if you’re looking for something that’ll last for years and is stylish and comfortable as well. Its water resistance and shock resistance make it an ideal wristwatch for people who travel a lot or love to swim, trek, hike or play any sports whatsoever.


  • Quartz digital movement with an accuracy up to +- 15 seconds/month
  • Multifunction alarm
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Hourly time signal
  • Auto calendar
  • Equipped with 12hr as well 24hr format
  • Shock resistance and water resistance up to 660 feet (ideal for scuba diving)
  • EL backlight features with afterglow
  • Measures up to microseconds
  • Black resin finish with a resin strap and a rectangular dial
  • Measuring mode for stopwatch: split time, elapsed time, 1st and 2nd place time
  • Countdown timer range: 24 hours; measuring unit 1 second
  • Minimum battery life of up to two years
  • Weighs approximately 54 grams


Referred to as the quintessential G-Shock DW5600E , it was once given a slap-shot by a hockey player who sent it into the hands of the goalkeeper. If it can survive a professional slap-shot, it can handle your life. Stylish, comfortable and durable, this wristwatch is one of Casio’s finest creations.