best mens watches

Watches have been the most common piece of jewelry that is being used by men to fit their daily fashion statement. Actually, almost everyone should look for the best mens watches and would invest on because of the main use of it. It is not just a simple accessory you can use because this could guide you and keep you updated on the current time.It is no secret for us to know that watches are very helpful for our needs, especially in keeping up with our schedules.

But, with a number of watches for men available on the market, it will surely a big challenge for you to get the best and the right one for you. Well, to help you in getting the best watches you should purchase, there are some simple things that you may need to know. This could be your guide in having assurances on the possible best mens watches you are planning to purchase on the market later on.So, before anything else, make sure to read this article!

What is your lifestyle?

It is greatly recommended for most to consider getting watches that could be used for play and for work depending on the lifestyle that you have or you simply want to have different watches on your collection. The best mens watches would be classified depending on your own preferences and needs. However, if you are going to consider getting dressier watch, it is best for you to choose those that could be more lasting and classic at the same time.

There are some men who would not be interested in getting those technical and mens sport watches because it is being offered for a cheaper price that would commonly fit the budget of most people. Those kind of watches is only ideal for people who are not after the style or design but on the function that it has to offer. There are watches for running and any other kind of sports and that could be a perfect choice if you are in that kind of lifestyle.

Also, you have to know that if your watch has some features like it measures the distance, night vision, has a compass, could calculate the altitude, comes with a digital display, and have a rubber strap then that is not really an ideal thing to wear if you will go to work or attend a formal party.

But, aside from those things, there are more for you to consider which could make you assured on the best mens watches you will get on the market right now.

The Stainless Steel Bracelet

According to most of the men out there, the best mens watches should come with stainless steel bracelet. Why? Because it could be more practical compared to the other kind of bracelet like the leather and rubber. Also, it has been proven that this is very durable. Those watches that comes with stainless steels are more ideal to use for casual and business clothing and could be perfect for any other kind of occasion. This is also waterproof to add on that.

Though, there are some who will choose to get mens gold watches for better convenience. But, make sure to be prepared on the possible price of it because it would be hard for you to get discount watches that are made of gold bracelet. Also, be careful on getting this because it could possibly give an unfavorable impression from other people.

The Main Watch

When you say the main watch, it could be the face of it or the size of the watch. If you are a big man, the standard size of the face of the best mens watches could look like a watch for ladies to you. So, before you look for cheap mens watches, you should also consider the size of the watch faces. After all, it is becoming a big trend for many people to get one that could be big for the size of their wrist. It could surely offer a great look to you.

The Resistance to Water

There are so many mens watches for sale that you can find, but it will be ideal for you to get those that could feature water resistance. Whether you would want to have mens automatic watches or any mens swiss watches, you may want to get one that could be used in water. This is a very convenient purchase if you are enjoying swimming with your watch on or while you are showering.

Most of the best mens watches would be able to offer this kind of feature and you will not have to worry about your watch accidentally getting wet because of sudden rain. However, you should also consider that you will check the degree that the watch could resist. There are some watches that would be able to resist the moisture that would come accidental rain, splashing and even sweat while others could be perfect for about 50 to 100 meters deep down the water.

The Color of the Strap and the Face

It is becoming a big trend on the market where you can find different colors of straps and face compared to the usual mens black watches. There are so many people who are getting this because of the possible benefits they can get. Though, some people may think that only cheap watches would offer colorful straps. Actually, this could be perfect because you can use different colors of straps depending on the outfit that you are wearing and simply enjoy it.

Top 5 best watch brands

best watch brandsWatches are one of the obvious luxuries that go well with everyone at any time. The best watches result from designers’ brands and are usually unique in their own ways. Apart from showing you what time of day or night it is, best brand watches are looked upon as a piece of jewelry besides your other jewels. Watches are also divided into separate categories of business, casual, sports and fashion watches among others.  The following five are the top watch brands of the time.

Romain Gauthier

This firm is named after the owner and it focuses on art as the driving force. This is where the evolution of tradition emerges from. He has focused on innovation and that is why the kinds of watches produced are meticulous and loved by many.  Collections like prestige HM and HMS have more of elegance and features minimalist aesthetics.

Harry Winston

This is a top watch brand, being prestigious in both watch making and jewelry. World’s famous gemstones have been linked to the name Winston and that is why it is referred to as the King of Diamonds. In fact it is Mr. Winston who in 1958 donated the Hope Diamond to Smithsonian Institution in Washington, which was regarded as the most famous diamond in the entire world.  His collections are modern in nature, expressing sophistication to fullest. His both men and ladies collections give a strike balance of aesthetics and classical design altogether.


This is a family firm which has been in operation since 1837. The founder, Thierry Hermes started off and latter the son Charles took over and continues with the business. It was in 1912 that they manufactured the first wristwatch with distinctive Hermes poetic and this led to production of many collections currently in the market. There is the Arceau collection which is more of French elegance and stirrup shape. Another collection is the Cape Cod which is distinctive with the manner in which the horns are integrated. Others are Clipper, which is a sports collection, the Heure H and Kelly among others.


The founder, Kintaro Hattori, opened his first watch making workshop at the age of 21. Seiko was the very first company in Japan to manufacture wristwatches. It in fact gained popularity because of its perfection. It is Seiko that made the first quartz watch in the world, the first six figure LCD display watch, kinetic which is powered by the wearer and Spring Drive mechanical watch.  This has seen Seiko be the official time keeper for many Olympics resulting to partnership with numerous sporting events and World Athletics.  Its collections are Astron, Grand Seiko, Prospex, Sportura among others.

Christophe Claret

This is a brand that is of pure exclusive mechanisms. Theirs is a mixture of technological innovation and elegance to give their customers a touch of class. Christophe started off by restoring old watches when still schooling at Geneva Watch-making school. He graduated as a watchmaker in 1982 and has since been a top notch for making exclusive designs. His collections include the extreme watches, gaming watches, ladies’ complications watches among many others.

The Conclusion

In the end, when getting the best mens watches, make sure that you will consider your preferences and needs. Think about the common things you are looking for when buying a watch and easily keep those in mind when you are already in search on the market. Do check everything even before you make a purchase to be assured on what you will get and avoid having problems later on.